Hello, dot-com!

USA.NET logo, circa 2000Today I start my new job as Senior Web Developer at USA.NET Just a few weeks ago, I was contacted by my old friend and former boss Kevin Burns. He’s Director of Marketing for USA.NET, and needed something powerful and exciting for their new website. Specifically, he needed me. It’s always nice to be wanted.

USA.NET is a rather large email outsourcing company. Their claim to fame is no less than the invention of webmail, with Net@ddress, years ago. Now services like hotmail.com have popularized the concept, and increased the size of the market, and USA.NET intends to try to maintain its position in that field, but more importantly, it’s banking on outsourcing the entire email chain for its clients.

This is a good lateral career move for me. Having just finished the redesign of the Teletech corporate site into a new Flash envelope, I was ready to undertake something more sizeable. In this new position, I’ll be able to help shape the direction and strategy of the new USA.NET corporate site, as well as produce its new look & feel. Oh yes, there will be flash! I’m excited also to get into ColdFusion development, the staple here at USA.NET. A new feather for my cap!

TeleTech.com goes Live

Thumbnail of new TeleTech websiteToday we release the new TeleTech website, built entirely in Flash by yours truly. The design is from another designer in the marketing group. It’s got a nice print-media feel, which takes full advantage of the potential of Flash’s vector engine.

The site is ridiculously frugal on bandwidth, delivering a magazine-like experience in a mere 107Kb. See the final comp here. Going flash all the way is a pretty bold move for a big public company… And honestly, it’s not very practical, unless you have a Flash designer on-site, in terms of updates. But in terms of visual differentiation, and a more modern feel, I believe we’ve done something useful.