Clean and simple…

Clean, clear UI for a questionnaire app.Finished building a nice clean UI for a college counseling questionnaire app. This was an exercise in using CSS to deliver a clear design across browsers, including the dreaded IE 6, with only a couple of days to test and deliver.

White space, use of Lucida Sans Unicode on Windows and Lucida Grande on the Mac, and attention to type spacing and layout made this a winner. The client was delighted, and requested no changes.

Another one in the bag. Moving on…

InnovativeCG is live!

Just finished a quick, bare-bones, low-budget redesign and custom content-management system for Innovative Consulting Group. Another fun little project, using simple “good old” ASP and an MS Access back-end. A little bit of database-driven Flash, as well.

I am starting to really enjoy little low-tech projects like this one. The cutting edge is fun, but sometimes it’s so refreshing to go back in time and slip into some old tried-and-true technologies. It’s like a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in a while: Unfamiliar, yet fitted.

I also love the challenge of delivering superior user experience on a shoestring budget. Applying all the lessons I’ve learned without the frills. The client was also a delight to work with. They knew what they wanted, and how to delegate the rest. A good relationship with one’s client is priceless.