I am a User Experience expert in Denver, CO. I have uncommon breadth and depth, with twenty years of experience as a product strategist, business analyst, information architect, designer, developer, and evangelist.

I consult independently under the banner of Whale UX: Think big and benevolent.

I am also a theatre author, producer and director with the Department of Redundancy Department. Through performance art, we create experiences that deconstruct the angst of the neo-postmodern gestalt, and hump its leg.

I am a French citizen with a multicultural outlook, a lucky husband, an amazed father of two, and a rationalist.

I seek to do good work with good people. I aspire to make the world a bit better, to make a dent in the universe. At the very least, I strive to ensure that the experiences I design are positive, helpful, and delightful.

If you’re about to build new software, or improving an existing product or service, I can help your nascent idea achieve its full potential. So contact me. Your users will thank you.