goes Live

Thumbnail of new TeleTech websiteToday we release the new TeleTech website, built entirely in Flash by yours truly. The design is from another designer in the marketing group. It’s got a nice print-media feel, which takes full advantage of the potential of Flash’s vector engine.

The site is ridiculously frugal on bandwidth, delivering a magazine-like experience in a mere 107Kb. See the final comp here. Going flash all the way is a pretty bold move for a big public company… And honestly, it’s not very practical, unless you have a Flash designer on-site, in terms of updates. But in terms of visual differentiation, and a more modern feel, I believe we’ve done something useful. is Live!

Finished and released the website for Tom Kochel. Tom is an amazing photographer, and a unique personality. He’s been my mentor here at networkMCI, introducing me to photography, and to a different outlook on life. We are very different, but react to the same passions.

Since Tom works mostly in black and white, I decided on a grayscale website, and a simple setup, lean on graphics, to keep the art front and center. I’m proud of the site, and proud to be part of Tom’s fanclub, so I’m keeping a copy of this site on forever. Take your time looking at it.